The National Association of Parents and Teachers of Serbia (NAPTS) was created as a result of initiative “Through Partnership to Education”, initiated in 2015 by the Foundation for Open Society and UNICEF so as to improve cooperation between the school and family.

The key focus and mission of the Association is to develop partnership – culture of respect and cooperation between parents and teaching staff. Parents and teachers work together on the topics such as social inclusion, health and safety of children, transition of children from pre-school to school educational system, tolerance and fostering inter-culturalism, emotional literacy, which altogether influence the development of positive school climate and improvement of education. 

The NAPTS comprises a network of 10 city clubs of parents and teaching staff in Belgrade, Subotica, Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, Sečanj, Kraljevo, Čačak, Leskovac, Niš and Novi Pazar. The city clubs coordinate with local networks of clubs established in schools and pre-school institutions. In the so far work, more than 50 school clubs, counting more than 300 active members, considerable resources have been created and examples of good practice that have motivated parents and teaching staff to get involved and implement more than 70 programmes at the school, local and national levels. 

A team of regional counsellors has been established within the NAPTS, who provide support to parents and teachers in establishing new and strengthening the existing clubs and city networks throughout Serbia. Regional counsellors are individuals selected in a transparent procedure, through an internal contest, at the proposal of their city clubs. So far, they have passed a range of training courses in the area of educational policies, social inclusion, advocacy, strengthening and maintaining volunteering network, which makes them competent associates for a number of topics of importance for education. 

Taking into account cooperation that NAPTS has with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, it is of utmost importance that initiative of establishment and work of parents and teachers’ clubs is implemented in as many schools as possible. We remain open to provide various forms of support in this process.


Dragana Djurić
Project coordinator
Mob: 00381641109179
Mail: narnsoffice@gmail.com


A world in which we cherish healthy, harmonious and open society with clearly defined roles of all participants in the educational system driving the change aimed at satisfying the needs of each and every individual, and society as a whole.


Through association, we strengthen cooperation and partnership between parents and teachers, raising awareness about their roles and power to change and create more quality and available education, tailor-made education for children, so as to create a responsible society.


OPENNESS – towards changes and acceptance of differences 

We are open to accept and create changes in the society, dedicated to the development and welfare We accept difference as a value, as an opportunity to learn from each other, to grow and develop

ACCOUNTABILITY – towards public interest 

We feel accountable towards public interest and welfare of all

PARTNERSHIP – development and support to cooperation

Partnership is for us one of the main prerequisite, since we are of the opinion that only partnership can lead to the development, partnership in cooperation, in orientation towards change, ....

PROACTIVITY/ENTERPRISE – launching initiatives 

We are aware that changes does not happen per se, that we need to make efforts to drive the change.

TRANSPARENCY AND CANDOR – in communicating and advocating the idea

Our mission, vision, ideas and activities are public, all involved therein are entitled to know with what aim and idea we act.

ENDURANCE/DEDICATION – goal-/idea-oriented

Endurance and dedication imply that our goals are clear, and to this end, we do not give up on them.

ACCEPTING DIFFERENCES – acknowledgement, respect and inclusion of differences 

SOLIDARITY – openness and support to others

We act with the idea to help and support those in need, regardless of their differences.